Our refund policy is the event organiser’s refund policy, if they allow it, then we charge a 5% admin fee.

The 5% admin fee for refunds will be charged to the ticket buyer or the event organiser, and the recipient of the charge is determined based on the following circumstances:

  1. Ticket buyer is at fault (e.g. change of mind, change in personal circumstance): There is no refund. They can sell their ticket to someone else and gift their ticket. If they wish to escalate this, and the event organiser wishes to refund them anyway, the buyer will be charged 5% of the ticket price as the admin fee (we will refund them 95% of the ticket price).
  2. Event Organiser is at fault (e.g. cancelling or rescheduling the event, changing the venue): The 5% fee will be charged separately to the Event Organiser per ticket refunded and the ticket buyer will be refunded the purchase amount. 
  3. No one is at fault (e.g unforeseen circumstances out of anyone's control such as natural disasters): Refunds will be processed free of charge (no fee). 
  4. Qnect is at fault (e.g. website errors or bugs): Refunds will be processed free of charge (no fee). 

All refund requests should be directed to the event organisers. Refunds will be subject to approval from the event organisers before they are processed.

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