Once you have purchased a ticket from an event on qnectapp.com, you will get an email confirmation that includes a payment summary receipt from Stripe (our payments processor) and a QR code (your Qnect ID) under "Event Details". This QR code is your ticket to the event.

*Sometimes the ticket confirmation is sent to your email promotions or junk folder due to strict filtering rules from email service providers. 

Your Qnect ID is your personal QR code which will be activated for every event you register or purchase tickets to. That means you only need 1 code to be scanned as your "ticket" to every event!

You can find your Qnect ID on qnectapp.com. First login via FB, then on the home screen click on your name at the top right hand corner, then select "QR Code" from the drop down menu.

To view all your tickets in one place, click on "My tickets" and it will take you to your ticket wallet!

Access your Qnect ID anywhere, anytime on the Qnect app for IOS and Android! Login to the app and in the menu bar on the top left side, press on the QR code and voila!

You can (also) see a list of all the events that you purchased tickets to by going to “Me” on the bottom bar menu and tapping "My Ticket Wallet". Your QR code will be activated for each of those events and the quantity of tickets you have for each event will be displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of the event cover photo.

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