It's almost time for back to school! You have a lot on your plate. Amid all the action, don't forget that you have a tool at your disposal that can not only save you a bunch of time this year, but also set you and your students on a path to mastery from day one. 

Use Quick Key this year to give your students weekly or bi-weekly formative assessments, and use our new dashboards and reports to track their progress and personalize instruction. We have so much new stuff on deck for you this fall, I guarantee your mind will be blown.

But First: Prepare to Refresh your Roster

Refreshing your roster for this year doesn't have to be hard. Depending on whether you plan to use Google Classroom, PowerSchool, or upload a file to create your roster, you have some options. 

  1. Delete all of last year's students and clear the slate. This is the cleanest way to refresh your roster. If you do this, all of last year's student quiz results will be archived (you won't see them any more), and you can upload or import a new roster. To delete last year's roster, go to Students, click the top checkbox to select every student in the list, and then press the Delete button. You are now ready to load a new roster. Deleting students will not delete your Quizzes. 

  2. Delete only those students who you will not be teaching this year, and keep the rest. This way, when you upload this year's new Roster, only new students will be uploaded. Don't forget to include Course assignments in your upload file!  

  3. Don't delete anybody, and just upload the new Roster on top of the old one. this is not recommended for Free or Pro Teacher users, since you have a limit on how big your roster can be.   

Next: Load your New Roster

Quick Key hasn't yet mastered the art of automatically updating your roster for you, so loading in this year's students is still something you have to do yourself. But we have made it easy with 3 ways to get your roster into Quick Key:

  1. Upload Students and Courses using an Excel or CSV file

  2. Import your Students and Courses from Google Classroom

  3. Connect to PowerSchool through your school's PowerSchool Administrator 

Remember: we are here to help! 

Just click that little disk you see in the bottom right corner of your screen. See it? Down there on the right. Click that and let us know you need a hand. We will help you get ready for this year, promise! :-)


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