New Bubble Sheets? 

After months of R&D and testing, I am excited to announce we have a new & improved set of bubble sheets for 2018. The new sheets contain "glyphs"  - small QR codes on the paper - that will allow Quick Key Mobile to identify which sheet is being scanned automatically. The glyphs will also help you line up the sheet on your screen, for easier and more reliable scanning. 

What you Need to Know

Release Date: We will be releasing updated mobile apps for iOS and Android, and the new bubble sheets on or around January 13th. 

Compatibility: The new bubble sheets will not - by default - work with previous versions of Quick Key Mobile for iOS and Android. However if you have old bubble sheets you still need to scan, there will be an option available in the Settings page of the new mobile apps. 

Handling Leftover old Bubble Sheets: If you do have leftover old bubble sheets that you need to scan, you can turn off the new scanner in your iOS or Android mobile app by going to Settings and then turning the Auto-Detect Ticket switch to the "OFF" position. If this switch is turned off YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SCAN THE NEW SHEETS so pleas remember to turn it back to "ON" once you are done scanning your old bubble sheets. 

Here's an example of what the new bubble sheets look like:

Here's a visual of what the new "Gylph" bubble sheets look like in the new mobile scanner.

* * *

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