Welcome to Quick Key from Validated Learning Co. :) 

Making your first quiz is a great way to get the hang of how Quick Key works and what it can do. Don't forget that before you can really start using Quick Key for quizzing, you'll need to load a class roster and download the mobile app for iOS or Android.  

Choose which kind of quiz you will give:

A. Do you plan to grade your quiz using a paper bubble sheet?

Goto: How to build a simple answer key on your mobile device or make one online for a quiz you already have on paper.

B. Will your students take the quiz digitally on a device or online? 

Option 1 Goto: How to build an advanced quiz where you type in your questions.

Option 2 Goto: How to build an advanced quiz where you are able to use questions from our Xchange Community

Once you build your first quiz you can experiment with open response and gridded response questions. 

Chat with us any time online or on your mobile device! 


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