In May 2017 we will be releasing a proper open response question type that will work in QK 1-to-1, the mobile scanner, and in Google Forms Grader. But if you want to do open response questions right now, and you are using paper bubble sheets, you are in luck!

Here is how to do it: 

  1. Create a new question in your quiz (either online or on your mobile device)

  2. Decide how many points you want the question to be worth, for example, 1 point. 

  3. Set the primary answer to the Question to letter "E" and set the point value to "1"

  4. Add an answer choice by pressing the "Add Answer Choice" button or the "+" button. 

  5. Make this choice "D" and set the point value to "0.8" points.

  6. Repeat this process by adding answer choices C and B, making their point values "0.5" and "0.2", or anything else you want. 

  7. Leave out answer choice "A". This will be what you bubble-in if you want to give zero points to the open response answer offered by your student. 

  8. Now you have a rubric. When you are grading your students' quizzes, mark this question yourself on the bubble sheet, according to what grade you want to give your student for that question. Mark "E" for the full 1 point. Mark "D" to give 0.8 points, Mark C to give 0.5 points, B for 0.2 points, and A to give no points.

BOO YAA!! :) 

And stay tuned for more better open response methods coming soon!

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