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What is a Cash Account?
What is a Cash Account?

A secondary wallet and specialized aftermarket all in one.

Written by Michael Bramlage
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What exactly does a Cash Account let me do?

A Cash Account allows account holders to do the following:

  • Create and maintain a Cash Wallet

  • Fund a Cash Wallet through deposits from outside financial institutions

  • Turn any item in your collection into a Cash Listing

  • Sell your Cash Listings and have proceeds from sales top-up your Cash Wallet

  • Withdraw funds from your Cash Wallet

  • Buy Cash Listings from other holders of a Cash Account

Do I have to have a Cash Account?

A Cash Account is considered a secondary wallet in addition to the Coin Wallet.

It is a necessary step to provide you access to the specialized aftermarket, where items are bought and sold between collectors for cash, not coins.

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