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What is a Cash Account?
What is a Cash Account?

A secondary wallet and specialized aftermarket all in one.

Written by Julie Solt
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What exactly does a Cash Account let me do?

A Cash Account allows account holders to do the following:

  • Create and maintain a Cash Wallet

  • Fund a Cash Wallet through deposits from outside financial institutions

  • Turn any item in your collection into a Cash Listing

  • Sell your Cash Listings and have proceeds from sales top-up your Cash Wallet

  • Withdraw funds from your Cash Wallet

  • Buy Cash Listings from other holders of a Cash Account

Do I have to have a Cash Account?

A Cash Account is considered a secondary wallet in addition to the Coin Wallet.

It is a necessary step to provide you access to the specialized aftermarket, where items are bought and sold between collectors for cash, not coins.

Crypto Deposits

Crypto deposits will be converted to USD and will be handled the same as cash. All funds deposited can only be used for Primary Market Sales.

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