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Why should I use a Cash Account?
Why should I use a Cash Account?

It's a whole new way to collect!

Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

Cash Account is an alternative to risky selling on eBay.

Many Quidd collectors sell individual items, whole sets, whole collections, or even whole accounts on eBay, leveraging the eBay marketplace to find buyers, secure a winning bidder, and receive payment ahead of transferring the items or account within Quidd. Unfortunately, this experience is imperfect for many buyers and sellers, opening up both parties to fraud, sniping, and sharing of private credentials.

For eBay sellers, Cash Account might be a friendlier and safer alternative to cash-based, off-site buying or selling.

Cash Account provides new opportunities for old collectors.

Collecting isn’t just about buying. For some collectors, when the issuance of new collectibles from your favorite brands ceases, there isn’t much point to selling for coins. In other words, Quidd coins are mostly valuable for future purchases on Quidd. If a collector has all she wants, selling for coins is just less interesting.

For collectors that are “complete”, Cash Account is a new, value-added way to re-engage with the Quidd community.

Cash Account enables real world liquidity.

Funds earned from the proceeds of successful sales can be withdrawn from a collector’s Cash Account through PayPal transfer, with more withdrawal methods on the horizon. This puts real money back into the hands of collectors, whereby the real money can be used to buy pizza, help pay rent, or just sock away into savings.

This is the first step towards earning real money from your collection on Quidd.

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