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How do I setup a Cash Account?
How do I setup a Cash Account?
It's already setup when you register with Quidd.
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I want to start selling for cash, what do I do?

Collectors aged 12+ are auto-enrolled into Cash Account.

However, in order to increase the spending power in their Cash Wallet by depositing outside funds, collectors must be aged 18+ or gain approval from a parent or guardian in order to successfully process deposit transactions from In-App Purchase or via Stripe.

In all cases, in order to withdrawal proceeds from Cash Wallets, collectors must complete a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identity verification check through Passbase, a trusted third-party provider of bank-level identity verification. This identity check requires the collector be aged 18 or older.

What happens when I try to withdraw the first time?

Collectors will be required to complete a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identity verification check through Passbase.

Why do we have to do the KYC thing?

In order to remain compliant with US Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, Quidd must verify the identity of its collectors ahead of processing eligible withdrawal requests. In effect, Quidd must verify that you are actually you and that you are aged 18+..

These AML laws exist and are enforced by national governments to mitigate the use of money to finance terrorism as well as prevent money made from criminal activity entering the economy.

Will my information be safe? I don't like the idea of my personal information being kept in the system.

Quidd does not and will not capture, collect, store, and use any personally-identifiable information (PII) in the process of identity verification. As such, your data is private. Quidd cannot resell your information to anyone as it does not see or store that information.

Any and all personally sensitive material that is submitted to Passbase is encrypted end-to-end.

What happens after that?

After your identity has been verified, and if you have successfully completed the KYC check with Passbase, you will be one step closer to processing an eligible withdrawal request and receiving your cash.

Is there someone I can email I can use if I'm having trouble?

Sure! Just click the button below to send an email. Make sure you include your username and the email address you are using for Passbase.

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