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How do Cash Accounts work?
How do Cash Accounts work?

Like a real money wallet to buy and sell with other collectors.

Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

Who is eligible for a Cash Account?

All collectors aged 12+ are eligible to begin using a Cash Account and Cash Wallet.

However, only collectors aged 18+ that successfully verify their identity are eligible to withdraw Sales Proceeds from their Cash Wallets.

How do I use a Cash Account?

Each Cash Account contains a Cash Wallet. This Cash Wallet functions a lot like your Coin Wallet, but with a few important differences, including:

  • Coins can be credited to your Coin Wallet through daily check-in bonuses; there are currently no daily check-in bonuses that credit your Cash Wallet

  • Sales Proceeds from sales of Coin Listings cannot be withdrawn, but stay within the Quidd economy; Sales Proceeds from sales of Cash Listings can be withdrawn so long as the collector and the withdrawal request are deemed eligible

How do I get more money into my Cash Account?

There are two ways to increase the spending power of your Cash Wallet.

First, you can sell items from your collection as Cash Listings. If sold, the Sales Proceeds, calculated as the clearing price of the item minus the Cash Marketplace sales fee, are credited instantly into your Cash Wallet.

Second, you can deposit funds via In-App Purchase on iOS and Android or via Stripe on the web into your Cash Wallet. Successful deposits are instantly credited to your Cash Wallet.

Will money I add be available immediately?

Unlike other marketplaces, deposits made into your Cash Wallet will settle instantly as credits into your Cash Wallet and be available to spend in a matter of minutes.

Where is the money I deposit actually going?

Funds held in Cash Accounts are currently held by Quidd.

As the program expands, Quidd will look to partner with a financial institution to custody and control the funds in your Cash Wallet on your behalf.

Can I buy collectibles with the money in my Cash Wallet?

Yes! You absolutely can!

What if I don't want to use the money I have saved up in my Cash Wallet and would prefer to use my app store and credit card to buy a set. Can I do that even if I have enough in my Cash Wallet for it?

Unfortunately Quidd does not currently offer the option to choose which method to pay. If there is money in your Cash Wallet, it will automatically pull from there first. This is a feature Quidd may add in the future.

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