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Why charge a Sales Fee on Cash Listings?
Why charge a Sales Fee on Cash Listings?

Aligned incentives to help you get liquidity for your collectibles.

Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

Why charge a fee per transaction in the Cash Aftermarket?

Each successful Cash Listing sale incurs a 10% sales fee, paid by the seller.

This exists for three reasons:

First, the fee is used to cover costs associated with development, hosting, and operations of the Quidd marketplace.

Second, the fee bears royalties for licensors of Quidd's officially-licensed digital collectibles.

Third, the sales fees discourages wash trading between buyers and sellers.

Overall, the presence of the sales fees acts as an incentivize for the Quidd marketplace to help buyers find sellers and sellers to find buyers. This extra emphasis on liquidity will result in better marketplace functionality over the long-term for collectors.

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