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Can I buy or sell multiple prints at once, including a whole collection?
Can I buy or sell multiple prints at once, including a whole collection?
Yes, bulk transfers of $5,000 or more are now possible.
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Have you considered buying or selling an entire collection? Now you can!

So, I can sell my entire collection?

Yes! Buying and selling full collections is a new service Quidd is offering for deals valued at $5,000 or more.

What if I want to buy or sell just a portion of a collection? Can I buy or sell a single set or single channel or a grouping of someone's "lows"?

Yes! But only if the purchase criteria of $5,000 is met.

Why is Quidd offering this?

For a Multi-Print Sale, this premium service helps the Buyer and Seller complete the transaction faster, with less risk and stress.

What is a Multi-Print Sale?

A Multi-Print Sale is a transaction where a Buyer pays the Seller for multiple prints in a Seller's collection. This will usually involve buying the entire Collection associated with an Account, but could also apply to custom deals for sets and channels. Quidd safely transfer the agreed-upon prints from the Seller's Collection to the Buyer's Collection and then upgrades associated value ranks and leaderboards.

What needs to happen first?

The Buyer and Seller must agree on the terms of the sale, including the prints to be transaction and the sale price.

After the deal is made, then what?

Both the Buyer and Seller email to inform Quidd that a deal is reached and the transaction is ready to be processed. Note: for faster processing, please include "Multi-Print Sale" in the email subject line.

What are the steps, in detail?

  1. The Buyer and Seller email describing the agreed upon deal.

  2. Quidd responds via email to both Buyer and Seller confirming the deal does indeed meet Quidd's requirements. Additionally, over email and through various additional means, Quidd will verify the Buyer and Seller are indeed who they claim to be in the app.

  3. The Buyer then deposits the amount agreed upon for the sale, plus an additional 5% service fee, called the Multi-Print Sale service fee. If the Buyer has sufficient funds in her Cash Wallet, the Buyer can request to use those funds as opposed to making a new deposit.

  4. Once sufficient funds are verified in the Buyer's Cash Wallet, Quidd debits the Buyer's Cash Wallet.

  5. Quidd escrows all the prints as part of the deal from the Seller's Collection. Additionally, the current listings of the Seller will be removed.

  6. Quidd confirms with the Seller the escrow process is complete. At that point, the Seller may add items to her Collection that will not be considered part of the deal.

  7. Quidd remove the funds from the Buyer's Cash Wallet, including the 5% service fee.

  8. Quidd transfers the prints to the Buyer's Collection. This process is done in batches, and may take several hours to complete based on the number of prints in the Multi-Print Sale. During this period, the Buyer will see prints land in her Collection.

  9. Upon completion of the print transfer, Quidd credits the Cash Wallet of the Seller, minus the 10% aftermarket sales fee and the 5% Multi-Print Sale service fee.

  10. Quidd re-runs value scores and leaderboards to ensure the Buyer collection statistics and leaderboard positions accurately reflect the new prints.

  11. Quidd emails both Buyer and Seller to inform them the process is completed.

Can the Seller start over if they want to continue collecting?

Yes! In the event the Multi-Print Sale is for the Seller's entire Collection, the Seller does not lose their Account with Quidd. Their username, profile pic, blurb, and overall identity in the app persists. Once Quidd confirms the deal AND escrows the prints as part of the deal, the Seller can continuing collecting. Any new items, following the moment of escrow in the sale process, are property of the Seller and are not part of the sale.

*Complete details and criteria below

Quidd Multi-Print Sale Details

  • Minimum Total Sale Price: $5,000

  • In addition to the existing 10% Sales Fee charged for all Cash Aftermarket sales, there is an additional 10% Service Fee applied to Multi-Print Sales. The service fee, known as the Multi-Print Sale service fee, is equally split between the Buyer and Seller, with each party paying 5% of the Total Sale price.

  • Once the deal is agreed upon the Seller is prohibited from selling any items in the Quidd Marketplace. At this point, Quidd will escrow all items in the Seller account. However this may take some time, so ANY Sales that occur in that time period will void the Multi-Print Sale. In this case the Service Fee will then still be applied to the Seller.

  • Deposits for the Multi-Print Sale must be made via the Quidd Market Website ( If the Buyer has funds available in her Quidd Cash Wallet, she can specify whether to debit funds immediately or wait until she deposits more.

  • If depositing the Buyer must add the 5% Multi-Print Sales service fee.
    (Ex: If the account sale is $12,000, 5% would mean an additional $600 should be deposited along with the purchase price).

  • Once the Buyer deposits funds (agreed sale price + 5% service fee) Quidd debits the Total Sale Price plus 5% service fee from the Buyer's Cash Wallet.

  • The process can take 7-10 business days from initial contact until final confirmation.

  • All requests will be handled as they come in, based on a queue system

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact

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