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What do Print Number & Print Count mean?
What do Print Number & Print Count mean?

These are the numbers underneath your item that help you determine value!

Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

What do the numbers under my items mean?

The two numbers you see under the item are called the Print Number and the Print Count. They mean two different things.

Print Number - This number is first and it represents the order the item was printed in. So, the first item printed is #1, the second item printed is #2, and so on, until the very last item printed.

Print Count - This is the second number and the number of cards that are available, the total amount that are printed.

Why do the cards have these numbers?

These numbers provide added value to the card.

Which number do I look at to rank on the leaderboard for value?

You’d look at the first number, the Print Number, this is the number that is most important for the value ranking. The lower the card the higher the value for ranking.

What is the point of the Print Count? Does that affect the value of the item?

Yes! The lower the Print Count, the more valuable the card is!

If there were only 25 items ever printed, that would make the item extremely valuable as it would mean there were only 25 of that item available in all the app!

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