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What is this Top Lows section for?
What is this Top Lows section for?

This is where you can see the most valuable lows you have at a quick glance.

Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

What does the section top lows mean?

This is a list of all of your top lows, including items with a print number ordered from lowest to highest.

The lower the print number the more valuable the community deems it be!

Are these the most valuable items I have?

Not always, but they are usually among the most valuable.

This is just value mainly based on how low the print number is.

You still have other items that are valuable on their own regardless of being a low print number. Such as awards and shinies for!

If I have a low that is an award or shiny, does that make it worth more?

Usually low print number and low print count combined is deemed highly valuable, more so than a singular low print.

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