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What type of collectible can I find on Quidd?
What type of collectible can I find on Quidd?
There are multiple product types to collect, from cards to pops to stickers!
Written by Julie Solt
Updated over a week ago

What are all the different types of collectibles I can get on Quidd?

There are a few main types of collectibles.

They are:

Cards - These are the main form of collectibles, very similar, if not exactly the same as real life cards but in a digital capacity. They have images on both sides.

Stickers - These are different from cards, generally smaller, do not have images on both sides. But they can be used on your phone keyboard once you have enabled it, and also on the feed in Quidd.

Pops - These are collectibles that are in 3D, and resemble a real life Funko Pop. You can rotate them and see all sides.

3D Figures - Sculptures or other 3D objects that you can rotate and see all side.

Mintables: Items that can be minted on the blockchain by a collector.

Burnables: Items that are burned based on game mechanics set forth for the collection.

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