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What type of credits do I receive for burning prints?
What type of credits do I receive for burning prints?
Written by Nejc Urbancic
Updated over a week ago

If I burn a print, what type of credits do I receive in return?

As of December 2023, burning prints generates Pack Credits, not Marketplace Credits.

For example, if the current Burn Rate for a particular item is set to $0.02 and you choose to burn 10 prints of that item, you will receive $0.20 in store credits to your Cash Wallet. These store credits will be Pack Credits, not Marketplace Credits, meaning they can only be spent on Primary Market packs and cannot be spent purchasing listings of secondhand items in the aftermarket.

From time to time, Quidd may adjust the amount and type of credit received in return for burning prints in order to provide collectors a better outlet for duplicate prints, to limit fraudulent activity, and to promote overall marketplace integrity.

Burning Changes:

On Friday, January 12th, we reverted the burn rate for all prints across all collections to $0.00.

The burn rate per print will be set at $0.00 indefinitely. From time to time there might be a burn event or two, but the $0.00 rate should be considered “near permanent” going forward.

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