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Deposit Match Events
Deposit Match Events

Deposit Match Events explained

Written by Nejc Urbancic
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  • To be eligible for this Promotion you must be physically located in an “Eligible Jurisdiction.” In addition, you must be 18+ years of age or older, or obtain the consent of a parent or guardian.

  • To be eligible for the promotion, customers must opt-in using a promo code and/or clicking the appropriate link/button.

  • To be eligible for the promotion, customers: (1) must be a Quidd customer that has not before made a deposit, (2) must be physically located in an Eligible Jurisdiction and obtained the minimum age requirements, (3) must register and opt-in to the promotion using the promo code or clicking the appropriate link/button, and (4) deposit the prescribed minimum dollar amount into their Quidd Cash Wallet (the “Qualifying Deposit”).

The Qualifying Deposit

The Qualifying Deposit may differ during periods in which this promotion is offered and will be clearly and conspicuously disclosed to customers prior to opting in. A Qualifying Deposit will be $5 or more in each instance. The customer’s Qualifying Deposit dictates the amount of Quidd store credits available to be earned. Bonus reward is equal to 100% of Qualifying Deposit amount, up to a maximum Qualifying Deposit of $100. If the Qualifying Deposit exceeds $100, the amount of Quidd store credits available to earn shall be no more than $100.

Bonus reward

Bonus reward issued as Quidd store credits can only be used on Quidd platforms. Customers are eligible to receive a maximum of $100 of Quidd store credits from this promotion (the customer must deposit $100 to be eligible to receive the maximum bonus amount of $100 in Quidd store credits). Quidd store credits will be awarded to the customer as a one-time Pack Credit Coupon with a ninety (90) day expiry. For the avoidance of doubt, the ninety (90) day period is measured as 2,160 hours from the time the Qualifying Deposit is made to the customer’s Quidd Cash Wallet. After such date, you are ineligible to earn any additional bonus funds as part of this promotion. For example, a customer who makes a Qualifying Deposit of $100 after opting into the promotion will initially receive $100 in bonus funds. On day 3, if they spend $40 from their Pack Credit Coupon, the customer will have $60 of Pack Credit Coupons remaining in their Cash Wallet. At the end of the expiry period, if no other spending is done, the customer will have $60 in bonus funds which will be removed on the 91st day.

Quidd Store Credits

Quidd store credits are site credits that have no cash value and are only valid for use on Quidd. Quidd store credits, in the form of a Pack Credit Coupon, are used prior to any Deposited Cash of Sales Proceeds in your balance. Quidd store credits are not withdrawable, non-transferable, and non-refundable. There are no restrictions or requirements on Sales Proceeds directly or indirectly earned from Quidd store credits.
See Quidd terms and conditions for information and limitations on spending. Each customer will be notified when they have received a Quidd store credits by:

  1. A bell notification (this is a notification that displays as a bell icon on the home page of the Quidd app and website that can be clicked on to view short confirmation copy and terms) and/or

  2. An automatically triggered email if they successfully entered the promotion. Should you wish to cancel your participation in this promotion at any time, please contact customer experience at Upon cancellation, you may withdraw any remaining funds deposited in connection with this promotion subject to Quidd Terms of Use.
    Any applicable bonus rewards in your account shall be void, subject to forfeiture, and may not be transferred or withdrawn. All promotions are subject to the Quidd Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By accepting any bonus rewards, registered customers agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Promotion. Void where prohibited by law.

Quidd account holders are responsible for any and all applicable local, state, or federal taxes. Quidd is not liable for computer or program malfunctions nor for errors in bonus rewards. Quidd reserves the right to exclude certain registered customers from this promotion, as well as the right to withhold the bonus reward and potential sales proceeds or earnings associated with abuse, if there is reason to suspect that their actions are fraudulent or, at Quidd’s sole discretion, it is determined that their actions are in violation of the Quidd Terms of Use, including but not limited to sharing account credentials with other individuals, circumventing Quidd age and location verification procedures, and abusing the Quidd Platform, the Services, or any bonuses, the refer-a-friend program, or any other offers or promotions in any way. Any customer who is found to be ineligible to collect on Quidd immediately forfeits any bonus rewards that have been awarded. Quidd reserves the right to suspend, modify, and/or cancel this promotion upon notice to and approval from the applicable jurisdiction regulators located in the respective Eligible Jurisdiction.

Declaration and payment of all income taxes associated with Sales Proceeds are the sole responsibility of the customer, and failure to pay applicable tax liabilities may result in civil penalties or criminal liability.

All deposits made on our site will appear on your statement as QUIDD.

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