What is a role on Quorum?

A role is a set of rights which determines, for the collaborator or collaborators concerned, the features to which they will have access in the Quorum space.

4 roles = 4 levels of access rights = more security!

On Quorum, you can assign a role to each member of your organisation.

This gives your teams a refined interface according to the role of each member.

There are 4 roles:

  • Administrator
    The administrator has access to everything and has all of the invitation and deletion rights.

  • Supervisor
    The supervisor has a high level of access. He cannot create a team or assign a role, but can configure the platform and access the data.
    Good to know: the facilitator is a member of your staff or close team.

  • Coordinator
    The coordinator has a strong organisational role: he can create actions, invite members, add to a team, access the socio-economic data, but cannot access your contact database nor sensitive or configuration data.
    Good to know: the coordinator is often a local manager.

  • Member
    The member only has access to the mobile app to pound the pavement!
    He focuses his action on the ground. The member is at the heart of the device, but does not have access to sensitive data.

Good to know:

When a person is invited to join an organisation on Quorum, the role of member is automatically assigned to them. You must therefore change their role if you want to give more access and rights to a person.

How to configure and manage roles on Quorum?

💡 The administrator is the only person who can assign a role and distribute the rights.

In the Members tab, you have the list of all the people in your organisation. Simply select the member whose role you want to modify and then click on the Edit button. You can now modify the member's rights.

Remember to save your changes! 😉

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