From the Quorum platform, you have the option to send texts to your contact base.

⚡️This feature has many advantages.

It allows you to:

  • Create a quick and easy communication campaign: sending a text to your contact base only takes a few seconds on Quorum.
  • Create direct link with your followers: texts allow you to get in touch directly with a citizen and to make your communication feel more unique.
  • Give a greater impact to your cause: texts make communication easy and help you express your ideas.
  • Create direct engagement: a text has much greater chances of being read than an email! Take advantage of it!
  • And there’s more ...

⚙️How to send a text on Quorum:

You can send texts to your contact base once the feature is activated.

Step 1: Filter the contact base

Go in the “People” tab and select the “mobile field only” filter. Of course, you can add other filters if you want.You then have the list of all citizens for whom you have a phone number.

Step 2: Write the text

Now that you filtered your contact base (at least with the “mobile field only” filter) you can send them a text.Click on “Action on X contacts” on the top-right of your screen and select “send SMS”. A window will pop up and you’ll be able to write your text.

Step 3: Send the text and analyse results

Your text is ready? Let’s go!


Once your text is sent, you can directly analyse your action’s results.

You can access in detail the messages:
- Delivered: texts sent and received
- sent: texts sent but not received
- error: not sent because either the number is wrong or it didn’t go through (because the person unsubscribed for example)

You can also have a look at your history in the “Communication” > “SMS” tab. There you can see all the texts sent and their recipient.

Good luck for your mobilisation!

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