In which format is the contact database exported?

  • From the web platform, administrators and staff have the possibility to export part of the contact database.

  • When an export is requested, a file in CSV format with UTF-8 encoding is downloaded.

  • To open it, you will need to use a software designed for CSV files, such as EXCEL.
    To open it in EXCEL you have to go through the "Import" or "Data" function ➡️"External data" ➡️"Text file": directly from the EXCEL application;

Which contacts can I export from Quorum?

You can select a maximum of 10,000 contacts. The objective is to be able to export and consult all the contacts on which you have carried out a mobilisation action.

What information is included in the export?

You will find absolutely all the information you can find on the Quorum platform!

⚠️It is important to know that if you have deleted a survey, all the answers that have been given are still in the export! Data from an old survey is never deleted. This is why it is essential that when modifying a survey, you completely delete the old questions to create new ones: In order not to mix the data.

Here is an example of an export:

How do I export from Quorum?

  • You must start by choosing one or more filters. Unless your contact base is less than 10,000 contacts, you must filter to select a part of your base.

Here are all the available filters:

Simply make your selection to export only the part of the contacts you need:

You then need to tick the boxes of the contacts to be exported, click on "Export" and you're done! 👍

Here are some Tips:

  • You can filter out ALL the citizens you visited during the mobilisation. To do so, you just have to use the filter "visited since" and select a very old date. You will then be able to see all the contacts you met through door to door or even when you added them from the mobile.

  • You can export the contacts by filtering on their answers to the questionnaires. Based on a specific answer or simply if the person answered the question (it doesn't matter which answer)

  • In the exported file you have the possibility to see which volunteer met the contact.

  • You can open a CSV file with Google Sheet.

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