About NationBuilder

NationBuilder provides software that can be customized according to your budget.

The platform manages your website, database, email, social media marketing, and more.

About Quorum

Quorum is a digital organizing platform and mobile app that allows you to engage and mobilize your community digitally and on the field.

3 key features:

  • People management

  • Digital organizing tools to drive your volunteers to action: Door-to-Door, Call lists, Peer-to-peer texting, etc.

  • Mapping & data

The connection between the two platforms

The two platforms can be connected so you never lose data or opportunity again and benefit an online and on-the-field digital experience.

More detail about the flow and the integration between Quorum and Nationbuilder is available in the article here:

2 use cases for Quorum + Nationbuilder

1. Set-up a decentralized organization: 1 Nationbuilder space with several Quorum spaces
If your goal is to lead a decentralized action but to centralize the data, that is the solution.

Quorum will allow you to provide tools at every level so that your teams can organize their actions locally and independently.

Building a decentralized or “grassroots” movement is extremely powerful. It multiplies your local touchpoints so you can reach and engage more and more people. But it also means you have local teams at every level.

How does the integration work?

2. Create a 360° digital ecosystem: 1 NationBuilder space and 1 Quorum space

Nationbuilder and Quorum interoperate to create a 360° digital ecosystem and thus manage all aspects of your action in complementarity:

  • For Nationbuilder: Website + Communication system

  • For Quorum: Tools for activists> Field and volunteer mobile app > Data, mapping and targeting*

* Depending on the availability of data in your area

How does it work?

Our team is available to answer all your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Florent (fb@quorum.co) & Tania (tania@quorum.co)

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