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I have not received my password reset/it's expired
I have not received my password reset/it's expired
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a) I'm not receiving my reset password URL

If you have requested a link to reset your password, it should arrive instantly. If it hasn’t arrived, then it could be one of two things. Firstly, it might be in your spam/trash folder. Otherwise, it could be that your mail server has added a delay, and therefore, your code could take a couple of hours to arrive.

If neither of these, then we can manually create a link for you and send it over live chat. Use the yellow message button in the bottom right corner to start a conversation. Our team is around between 8am-5pm GMT.

b) My password reset token has expired

If, whilst you were waiting for your password reset to arrive, you requested another link, and then your first one arrived, the first one will be redundant. Only your most recent link will work.

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