Creating the share text to go with a posted article can be an opportunity to flaunt some creativity. If it is your first post though, it can be a little daunting. To get you over the first hurdle we've put together three simple ideas to create an appealing social post.

Ask a question:

What do you find makes a great post on social media? Is it something that makes you think? Are you more likely to click on something if it piques your interest without fully explaining itself? A question can turn a passive reader into an engaged one and making your posts conversational will mean they become more invested in your profile giving them an incentive to come back.

Include an attention grabbing statistic:

‘You are 26% more likely to get retweeted if you put your URL in the middle of your Tweet than at the end.’ Chances are if you take at least some interest in social media that statistic will have got your brain going. ‘Does this reflect my own results?’ ‘Why do followers prefer the URL in the middle?’ Humans are curious beings that cannot help but compare, when you throw a statistic their way they’re going to bite. Pull one out of the article that you’ve posted for an easy share text. This gives you a reason to read the article that you are sharing, putting you in a better position when your followers comment on it.

Keep your share texts short & simple

It may be tempting to write as many words as you can think of to get users to click on an article, but time & time again research has suggested the shorter the share text the more traffic a link will receive. You also don’t know the backgrounds of all of your followers so keeping your text short, simple and to the point ensures you appeal to as many of them as possible. This includes hashtags, where one is usually the magic number!

These are just three tips to get you started. Try experimenting yourself and let us know which ideas are improving your engagement!

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