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Connecting your HubSpot account to Quuu
Connecting your HubSpot account to Quuu
Quuu can import your HubSpot Social Hub's profiles and send our curated content suggestions to them
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Getting started with HubSpot and Quuu is really easy. By following these simple steps, it won't be long before your HubSpot account is connected to Quuu and your profiles are receiving content suggestions from us directly.

Before following the steps below, it is assumed that you have a HubSpot account on the Professional or Enterprise Plan with access to the social features HubSpot offers.

To get started, simply log into your Quuu account and head to Settings. You will see Your Scheduler list. Click on the + to bring up the option to connect to HubSpot.

Once you have approved the connection, you will see a list of your social profiles. Select the ones you want to use with Quuu.

Next comes the fun part- select some interest categories relevant to your brand. When you are happy with your selection, you can generate suggestions. Quuu will begin generating and scheduling posts.

Head into the Social Hub in HubSpot, and you will see all the posts in the Draft Folder that have been sent. We send the content to the Drafts Folder in HubSpot so you can approve and send them out.

If you need any help connecting the two accounts or have a problem or question that still needs to be addressed, our team is on hand to help. Reach out to us via the in-app chat; we'd be happy to get you up and running!

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