The difference between Quuu and any other content suggestions providers is that we don't simply generate a link based on an algorithm. We have real people, submitting content they deem to be high quality. They compose the share text themselves to make sure it's engaging and will induce a click, a comment, or a like! They even add images to make it standout in people's timelines.

The people sourcing and submitting the content trusted, and well-respected bloggers, authors and content creators.  Not to mention from Quuu Promote submissions from the public that we have to approve or reject based on our quality rules.

But where we really do ensure that we don't just share any old rubbish, is that we actually read (and review) every single article, video or podcast that is submitted to Quuu ourselves, and as you can imagine there are thousands of them. If the content does not adhere to our quality criteria then it is simply is not added, and we provide constructive and transparent feedback as to why it didn't get approved this time. Here's a list of the actual rules we use to ensure our content is top notch: 

Quality Criteria Document

Each article in Quuu is added for 1 month by default and then expires. But we have control over whether or not we add it for a longer or shorter period of time. It depends on how relevant the article is. If it's about Valentine's Day, for example, we may only add it for 3 days before, and the day itself.

There's a lot that goes into this entire process, everything from our hiring policy to find the right candidates to be Content Managers, to our training processes and attitude towards continual improvement in everything we do. Above all, each and every one of us at Quuu has a passion for content and we take great pride in what we allow our users to share!

I hope this provides an insight into how we quality check and pick our content! :-)

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