Sometimes we'll encounter errors in the background when delivering your content. Whilst most of the time you'll be aware of this and can rectify the situation yourself, there can come a point in time where the integration you setup no longer works and Quuu is blocked from delivering the content.

It may be the case that you simply do not use Quuu anymore and have forgotten about things, or you may be using Quuu but not aware things weren't headed where they needed to. Either way, in order to help us, you and the schedulers we partner with, we will now switch off profiles that have been encountering errors for more than 3 days.

This is primarily to help us meet our scheduler partner requirements for operation (We need to stay above certain success percentages so as to not keep contacting them when something is wrong) but also for us as well as for those who are no longer using Quuu, we can better put our servers to other work that benefit the users who do still use Quuu.

I am still using Quuu

If you want to continue using Quuu you'll need to re-synchronise your connection before it can be used again. Luckily, we've got a great video about this process below which'll help you get started

I no longer use Quuu

If you no longer want to use Quuu, that's fine! We switched off your profile for you when you got your email, so will no longer try sending content out to your scheduler for you. If you want to delete your account, You can do this by heading to Account settings and then scrolling to the bottom.

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