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Adding/Deleting a scheduler in my Quuu account
Adding/Deleting a scheduler in my Quuu account
Do you want to connect to a new scheduler? Maybe you want to remove one? Read on to find out how!
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It is possible to connect more than one scheduler to your Quuu account if you are on the Pro Plan or Business Plan.

If you would like to add a scheduler, simply head to Settings in your Quuu account. You should reach the Your Profile page, but if not, select the first icon on the left-hand menu. Once on the Your profile page, click on the small + sign under the Your scheduler table. Options to connect to Buffer, HubSpot, Hootsuite and SocialBee will appear (Just remember to sign up/sign in to the scheduler before adding it to Quuu!)

If you are wanting to remove a scheduler, follow a similar pathway by accessing Settings in your Quuu account. On the Your profile page, under Your scheduler, click the provider name you wish to remove (Buffer/Hootsuite/HubSpot/SocialBee). This will give more options below. Scroll until you see Delete scheduler.

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