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How can I submit a Request on Qwoted?
How can I submit a Request on Qwoted?

Let our network of vetted experts know what sort of commentary you're seeking.

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If you're ready to submit a Request to the Qwoted network, you can do so by clicking the button below:

If you’re new and are looking for some additional guidance around submitting a Request as a media user on Qwoted, take a few minutes to read through this article to understand key elements of the Request format, what will happen when you begin to receive pitches, and more.

Start by logging into your Qwoted account. You'll see on your dashboard the four request types that you can submit. You'll also see the option to "Share Your Work" which allows you to promote your published materials across our global network of media, PR pros, and expert sources.

Click on the type of Request you'd like to submit to open the Request form. Fill out the necessary information, including:

  • A title for your Request (best practice calls for a one-line summary of what you're looking for)

  • A description (be as specific as possible about the type of expertise you need!)

  • Where this expertise will appear (a publication, podcast, show, event or conference, etc.)

  • A deadline (required, but can be adjusted later)

Promoting Your Request

Many of our Media users permit us to promote their Request outside of the Qwoted network, via our Twitter feed. This means we can share anonymized Requests to widen the net cast on your call for expertise. You can also share your Request on your own Twitter, and a popup will appear post-submission that allows you to do so.

To let Qwoted know that you do not want your Request promoted publicly, simply check this box in your Request form:

Once your Request form is filled out, click the "Publish" button to be directed to a post-submission page. We recommend increasing the reach of your Request by inviting relevant Experts in our network to submit a pitch to it. You can do this by clicking the "Invite to Pitch" button beneath their profile preview.

Once you're done inviting Experts, or if you're ready to move on without doing so, click the "Finish" button to submit your Request to our network.

Once you submit, you'll receive a confirmation email, and will be notified via email as soon as you receive your first pitch.

Here are more detail around the types of Requests available to you:

Types of Requests on Qwoted

  1. Story Ideas Request

    Description: Submit a Story Ideas Request to get pitched by Experts and PR professionals around relevant news topics and their expertise in these areas. If you prefer to keep your idea private, rather than describing your angle, simply emphasize the type of expertise you need.

    For example, instead of mentioning your interview topic:

    "Epidemiology expert needed for an interview on pandemic preparedness."

    Focus on the experts you'd like to interview:

    "Seeking an epidemiology or public health expert."

    Ideally, you'd want to contribute as much information as you can provide, as the more specific questions you pose, the better your Request can be matched with our experts.

  2. Experts Request

    Description: This is the most common request submitted on Qwoted. This is a general call for expertise around a certain topic. Such expertise will often be displayed online and/or in print.

  3. Guests Request

    Description: Guest Requests are submitted specifically to source guests for podcasts and/or broadcast segments.

  4. Speakers Request

    Description: If you're looking to have speakers to talk on your podcast, radio, and/or event, this is the request for it!

To see how to edit your submitted Request, check out this help article.

To see how to turn your Request off to stop receiving pitches, check out this help article.

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