This guide gives you a step-by-step run-through on how you register for a single race through the RaceID platform. Other types of races are team races and relay races. 

Step by step guide

Each Race has an event site where you find general information about the race, a map where the event is located, and a start list. 

Register to a race

In order to register for a Race, you simply click on the "Register" button for each race/distance.

Don't forget to login if you already have a profile. The registration form will then populate with the information from your profile and make registration even smoother. Read more here on how you can change the information in your profile.

Entering your personal data

After you click "Register" you come to the registration info form. Here you fill in the information you asked for. You also have the possibility to change the distance if you want to register to another distance than the one chosen.

Payment method

We use Payex by Swedbank as our service provider for transactions. Choose a card by Payex to pay with your credit card.

Use voucher

If you have a voucher that enables you a rebate you can simply add the code into the field and the price is automatically updated at the bottom. Contact the organizer if you have any problems with your voucher.

Add a password

When you sign up to a race at RaceID you also create a profile. This gives you full visibility of your details and also access to the information that you have put into the system. Adding a password will create this account. 

Add additional participants

You can add additional participants to your registration simply by clicking on the "+ Add Racer" in the registration form. Fill in the information about the additional participant and the cost will be added to your check-out price.

In order to finalize your registration, you need to agree to the terms and conditions and simply need to click register and you will be prompted to the payment screen where you pay the full price of the registration.

About your registration

After completion of the registration, you are automatically entered into the start list of the race. The race is also automatically added to your profile where you can download your receipt at any time.

RaceID helps organizers of endurance race events to sell registrations and products/services. When you register for an event/race through, you also commit to the terms and conditions set up by both parties ( and the organizer).  Each organizer has terms and conditions for their events which regulates everything regarding the event, but also things like reimbursements and other policies such as repayments if the event is canceled.  

The Terms and Conditions set up by RaceID give us the permission to process and analyze your personal data to complete the transaction. It also allows RaceID to publish certain details in the start and result lists such as; name, gender, association, city, and nationality. RaceID is also given the approval to share information with the race organizer and the organizers' partners such as time-keeping companies, but also to use the data for statistics and marketing purposes.

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