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For Racers: How to Create an Account
For Racers: How to Create an Account

Why Create a Free Account & How to Create a Free Account

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Whether you're a racer, spectator, parent, or simply someone who wants to attend an event or view scores, having a RaceReady account is essential.

Why Create an Account?

Creating a RaceReady account is the first step to gaining admission to events through RaceReady, registering as a racer, or utilizing any part of our system. Whether you ride, compete, or simply attend events, having a RaceReady profile offers numerous benefits. Here's why:

First, having an account is essential if you want to participate in events that utilize RaceReady's software. You will use your profile to conveniently register for events online. Additionally, registering earlier usually provides a better gate pick, (if you’re a rider). Therefore, waiting until race day to register puts you at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, RaceReady is a platform that automatically stores your lap times, scores, and podium finishes from all events that employ RaceReady Live Timing. By using it together with our Racer Connect app, you can explore other racers' statistics and keep a log of your own rides.

To Create a Free Account, follow these steps: (Click HERE to watch the video)

Step 1: Visit and click on "Log In" at the top right.

Step 2: Next to the phrase "Don't have an account?" choose "Get Started."

Step 3: Fill out the form, and select "Rider/Racer" as the account type.

Step 4: Fill out the personal information form.

If you need additional assistance, please send us a message through our chat system!

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