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For Racers: How Do I Sign up and Register for a Race?
For Racers: How Do I Sign up and Register for a Race?
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Once you have logged in to your racer profile, follow these steps:

  1. Select "Events."

  2. Click on the race you wish to sign up for.

  3. Click on "Register."

Please review the event details to ensure that it is the correct one. Once confirmed, you can proceed by clicking on "Register Now."

In the Riders tab, follow these steps:

4) View the racers that are available for registration.

5) Select the racers you wish to register. Alternatively, you can add a new racer to your account if needed.

To select the classes for each racer, click on "Add Classes" and make your choice(s).

Once you add classes, you'll be prompted to select which bike or vehicle you want to attach to that class entry:

Once you click "Next" you'll be prompted to add any extras to your cart which the promoter may offer, such as practice admissions, campsites, merchandise, etc. Just select which items you wish to add as directed, then click "Next":

You'll then be prompted to sign a waiver to attend or participate in the event, depending on what the promoter sets up for this checkout process:

Finally, just enter payment info and click "Finish & Pay":

You'll receive a confirmation email with your order details. That email typically will contain a QR code which you can show when checking in or redeeming your purchases on site, so make sure to keep it handy.

If you need additional help message us on our chat system!

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