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For Racers: How to Apply a Transponder RFID Tag to Your Helmet
For Racers: How to Apply a Transponder RFID Tag to Your Helmet
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1. Avoid placing your transponders anywhere else, unless your visor cannot accommodate them. In such cases, position them behind your front number plate. It is important not to attach transponders to your vehicle, person, clothing, or any other part of your helmet apart from the visor.

2. Instructions on rendering your RFID tag ineffective (please note that this is undesirable).

The RFID Transponder Tag is an adhesive strip containing an electronic circuit. It must be correctly mounted to ensure accurate detection when crossing the finish line, as there are various ways to mishandle its placement. For instance, if the tag is positioned too close to conductive metal (commonly found inside helmets), it can disrupt the tag's frequency and compromise its reliability. To ensure proper installation, please follow these steps:

Firstly, DO NOT PLACE AN RFID TAG OVER ANOTHER RFID TAG. This practice, known as "stacking tags," will render both tags ineffective. If you have multiple tags on your visor, ensure there is at least 1/2" of space between them.

1) To ensure proper placement and functionality of your RFID tag, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Apply the tag on the underside of your visor, lengthwise from side to side, as close as possible to the front edge of the visor. Make sure there is no metal or carbon fiber within one inch of the tag.

Avoid applying the tag anywhere else, except in cases where your visor cannot accommodate it. In such situations, place it behind your front number plate. Do not place your transponders on your vehicle, person, clothing, or anywhere else on your helmet other than your visor.

2) Please note the following actions that can render your RFID tag ineffective:

  • Incorrect placement or orientation: Ensure the tag is applied in the correct location and orientation to prevent any issues.

  • Stacking RFID tags: Do not place multiple RFID tags on top of each other as this will result in malfunction.

  • Peeling off and re-applying: Avoid removing and re-applying the RFID tag as it can damage the circuitry. If removal is necessary, a replacement tag must be purchased.

  • Folding the tag: Do not fold the tag before applying it, as this can cause damage to the circuitry.

  • Metal or carbon fiber surfaces: Do not apply the tag to surfaces containing metal or carbon fiber. If your visor has such materials, use the alternative mounting location behind the front number plate.

  • Photocopying, scanning, or lasers: Exposing the RFID tag to photocopying, scanning, or lasers can cause electromagnetic effects that can ruin the tag.

  • Powerwashing: Be cautious as exposing the tag to powerwashing may result in damage.

If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our chat system.

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