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For Racers: Can I Pay Cash for a Race?
For Racers: Can I Pay Cash for a Race?
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Cash registrations often cause delays and can create logistical issues when setting up a race. Consequently, it is not uncommon for promoters to stop accepting cash registrations. However, promoters utilizing RaceReady may still choose to accept cash entries, depending on their specific policies.

To determine whether cash payment is acceptable, you will need to directly inquire with your race promoter.

If, and only if, your promoter confirms that cash payment is allowed, they will typically instruct you to visit the registration booth on the event day and work with a staff member who will enter your information into the system using their computer. However, it is important to follow the promoter's specific instructions, as they may differ from this general guideline.

Please note that if you are not entered into the system, your results may not be scored. Therefore, you should either use a credit card to register online or collaborate directly with the promoter to ensure your entry is recorded and make payment accordingly, if they accept cash.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to message us on our chat system!

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