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For Promoters: AMA Membership Renewal
For Promoters: AMA Membership Renewal
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For Events that require AMA memberships, RaceReady is fully integrated with the AMA

When creating your event, simply check the AMA required box as shown below. This option can be found in the Edit Event Basic tab.

Once this setting is enabled for the event, riders will be required to provide their AMA membership number or purchase/renew one. If their AMA membership is inactive, they will be prompted to purchase a new membership.


If the name on the AMA membership does not match the name in the RaceReady profile, an error will occur. For instance, if your RaceReady profile name is "Johnny Smith" and your AMA card name is "John Smith," there will be a mismatch and an error will be thrown. To resolve this, simply change the RaceReady name to "John."

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to message us on our chat system!

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