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For Promoters: How to Access Your Link for Race Results
For Promoters: How to Access Your Link for Race Results
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Each promoter has a dedicated section on RaceReady's website where their results are available. To find your specific link, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your RaceReady account.

2. Navigate to the "Public URL" tab.

By accessing the "Public URL" tab, you will be able to locate the link that corresponds to your specific promoter account.

The URL on that page is the address you can share with your riders to access results from ANY of your events. Remember, for them to get to the right page from that link, the'll have to click a couple times at least.

If you want to share a direct link to a specific event's results (so they don't have to click at all after going to the link you share with them), just navigate there first and copy the URL from that page to share instead.

If the Public Sites page has no links on it, you can create your link by following the prompts on the page. YOU ONLY NEED ONE LINK.

If you need additional help message us on our chat system!

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