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For Promoters: How To Set Up Your Truss Gantry (Finish Line Arch)
For Promoters: How To Set Up Your Truss Gantry (Finish Line Arch)
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Setting up the aluminum trussing to form an archway (gantry) over your finish line is fairly simple, but here are a few points to make sure it's done safely and securely.

  1. To prepare the ground for accommodating the base plates of the gantry, follow these steps:

    1. If possible, bury railroad ties level with the ground to serve as a stable foundation for the base plates. This allows for the use of commercially-available oversize bolts to attach the base plates securely to the railroad ties. Remember to drill pilot holes for the bolts beforehand.

    2. To connect the sections of the trussing, follow these guidelines (note that configurations and dimensions may vary):

    1. Connect the trussing sections while they are lying on the ground, positioning the feet close to each edge of the finish line.

    2. Align the joint holes of each section and insert the joint pins from the outside to the inside. Once inserted, secure the pins with retainer clips.

    3. Attach the bottom sections of the trussing to the base plates using the same joint pins and retainer clips mentioned above.

    3. Now, with the gantry on the ground, it's an opportune time to attach the antennas. While it's helpful to track which antenna is connected to each RFID port (1, 2, 3, or 4), it's not necessary unless you need to adjust the intensity of individual antennas. For more information on this, contact RaceReady support.

    4. To attach the antennas:

    1. Run the antenna cables through the gantry to each antenna.

    5. With the assistance of at least four people, follow these steps to raise the structure:

    1. Slowly and carefully lift the structure upward while it is lying flat on the ground.

    2. Gradually walk the structure into an upright position.

    3. Place the gantry in the designated location on the prepared surface, securing the base to the ground using 4' stakes or large threaded bolts (if fastening to railroad ties).

    6. Remember, you will need to provide power to the base of the gantry structure where the RFID Electronics Hub will be positioned. Additionally, if you are supplying wired internet onsite, you will need to run a connected Ethernet cable to the same position.

    If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us via the chat system for additional help!


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