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For Promoters: Onboarding Master Training Guide
For Promoters: Onboarding Master Training Guide
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On this page

  • Main Training Videos

  • Basic Account Training Videos

  • Account Setup

  • ​Create Event

  • Manage Event

  • Live Timing Set up

  • Run Live Timing - basic overview (Video)

  • Viewing Public Live Timing

Main Training Videos

The four main training videos for learning to use RaceReady are:

Basic Account Training Videos

1. Account Setup

a. RaceReady will create a promoter account for you

b. Set up your public live timing link, upload your logo, create passes & memberships, create your classes, and set up your bank account (Video)

c. Client to attach bank account & Stripe account (Article)

d. Create season pass (optional, Video)

2. Create Event

  1. Create Series (Video)

  2. Create Event (Video)

  3. Basic tabs overview (Video)

  4. Create Event tab Overview - (Video)

  5. Pricing tab overview (Video)

  6. Format tab overview (Video)

  7. Classes tab overview (Video)

    i. Arrange classes in specific order on registration page (Video)

  8. Waivers tab overview (Video)

  9. Review (publish/unpublish event) (Video)

    i. Copy URL to website or social (Video)

3. Manage Event

  1. Basic Tab Overview (Video)

  2. Manage Riders (check in, transponders) - (Video)

    1. Add Rider New Rider or Existing Rider (Video)

    2. Check Riders in, with transponder tags

      1. Manage Inventory - (wrist bands Camping etc) (Video)

      2. Scan Transponder - (Video)

    3. Change Class (Video)

    4. Change Bike or Bike # (Video)

    5. Add Class (Video)

  3. Prepare Race Order (Video)

    1. Check for conflicts (Video)

    2. Clear Race Order (Video)

    3. Reformat a Race a class (Video)

    4. Print individual gate pick reports (Video)

  4. Print Race Reports (Video)

    1. Race Order, Gate Picks, Memberships, Reserved bike numbers, Camping spots

  5. Manual Scoring

    1. Score by number - (Video)

    2. Clear results - (Video)

    3. Add rider to results (Video)

4. Live Timing Set up

  1. Arch set up (Video)

  2. Hardware setup Turn on equipment (Video)

  3. Testing Raw Reads (Video)

5. Run Live Timing - Basic Overview (Video)

  1. Start and stop races (Video)

  2. Scoring (edits or adjustments) (Video)

  3. How to handle adding or ignoring rogue tags (Video)

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