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For Promoters: Unpacking and Testing Your Live Timing Equipment
For Promoters: Unpacking and Testing Your Live Timing Equipment
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  1. The RFID Electronics Hub

  2. The Antenna & Accessories Kit

Your new live timing equipment should come in two main boxes (besides the gantry, if applicable).

The RFID Electronics Hub

This includes a rack case with electronic components inside:

  1. RFID Reader with t antenna ports, with small 12" extension cables attached

  2. A wireless cellular router, with your SIM card(s) installed inside (you will need to activate).

  3. A RaceReady local server, to process race metrics while offline.

  4. A Power Surge protector

Also included is a multi-antenna (dome-shaped, with a metal disc it sits on, with 5 cables coming out of it).

To activate the RFID Hub, simply provide it with a stable 110 power source (avoid using power from fluctuating sources, especially in rural areas). Then, connect the RFID antenna cables to their respective extensions inside the case, and attach the multi-antenna cables to each side of the router (two on the "WAN" side with cables labeled "LTE," and two on the "WIFI" side with cables labeled 2.4 or 5.0). Look for the Wi-Fi signal from your router and use your credentials to log in to the network, allowing you to access the internet. To administer your race, you can access the local address of the server in the box:

While you can also access the RaceReady software at, it is essential to run live timing from Simply type that address into your Chrome browser and log in.

The Antenna & Accessories Kit

This kit includes:

1. One RFID Antenna that should be placed in the center.
2. One RFID cable. To increase accuracy, all cables are 40' in length.
3. One Barcode / QR code scanner, for easily registering or checking in clients (used in conjunction with a paired device like a computer, accessing the registration platform online)
4. RFID Tags opening inventory. Remember, you will be charged for this inventory as you use it. Keep it safe, and give it to riders who purchase them.

To see how to set up the antenna for live timing, see this article. Here's a quick diagram to visualize:

Finally, to test that the system is reading RFID tags, follow these steps:

1. Set up antenna, cables, and attach all necessary connections.
2. Power up the system.
3. Log in to RaceReady > Select one of YOUR events > Manage Event > Raw Reads

To access your Raw Reads portal:

4. Run a live tag beneath your gantry and check for it on your Raw Reads tab. It should show the tag's code, and its timestamp. You can test multiple tags in this way to ensure the system is functioning.


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