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For Promoters: How to Score an Event Using RaceReady
For Promoters: How to Score an Event Using RaceReady
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Whether or not you choose to use live timing, RaceReady remains the best tool for scoring your racing event.

To score an event using RaceReady, regardless of whether you use live timing, follow these steps. Log in to your Promoter account, locate the event you want to score, and click on "Manage Race":

Go to the Results tab and locate the race you want to score. If you want to go directly to your specific race, you can select it from the popup when you arrive on the Results tab. Then, click on "Actions" and choose "Score By Number" to begin scoring.

You'll see a page where you can edit the final results for a given moto (or heat). First select the moto (heat) you want to score, then enter the bike numbers in the order in which they finished. Then select Save. Repeat the same process for any motos and races which need to be manually scored.

You can also edit results that have already been recorded (whether manually or by live timing) by going to the Results Tab, selecting which race you want to score, and then clicking "Score by Number":

You can now change the values shown here, however is needed. Just click "Save" and they will be recorded.

If you'd like to print the results, you can find each race's results in the Results tab, and click Actions and Print.

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