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For Promoters: How to Create or Edit Custom Classes
For Promoters: How to Create or Edit Custom Classes
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You can build your own custom class list, which racers can choose from when signing up for your events.

Once you have built your list of race classes, you will always have them available in RaceReady for use in any event you create. Here's how you can access and manage them:

If you need to edit existing classes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to the 'Classes' section."

We've designed our classes page to allow you to categorize your classes for convenience in the future (for example, you may create an event and choose to utilize all of the classes within a certain category, like 'Arenacross' or 'Summer Night Series' or 'Pro Classes' or 'Hill Climb' etc.).

Before you create any class, you should create the category you plan to put it in by clicking this button:

Give the category a name, and select "Create":

Then on the classes dashboard, the category will appear. From here, you can click "Add Class" to add classes to the category:

You can name the class, assign a skill level, designate an age range, and set the price for this class (discounts can be dealt with later—for now set the price you expect the class to normally cost). Also, you can tell the software how to calculate racer age for the age range: If the age restrictions should apply as of the specific day of the race, select 'day of'. If you instead allow wiggle room for an age change sometime in the calendar year, select 'Calendar Year'.

Once you select "Create", the class will be created.

At this point, just repeat as necessary until you've built your entire class list.

To edit existing classes, click the edit icon. NOTE THAT EDITING CLASSES ALREADY USED TO SCORE A RACE WILL AFFECT THE EXISTING RESULTS AND SCORES. In many cases, it's better to DELETE the class (or the entire category, if the whole thing needs to go) and just build the class again from new).

Edit and Delete buttons can be hard to find, so here's a great guide to see how to find them (the top blue box pertains to the category of classes, and the bottom blue box pertains to the specific class itself):

If you're looking at your list of classes and want to make an event out of them, check out this article to walk you through.

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