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For Promoters: How to Create or Edit Passes & Memberships
For Promoters: How to Create or Edit Passes & Memberships
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Sometimes a membership (or pass) is required to register for your event. Here's how to create and manage them.

If your event requires a pass or membership to a club or other entity (whether or not it is your entity), you must add that club membership to the RaceReady system. From your dashboard, go to "Clubs," then click "Add Membership".

You'll be prompted to create a new membership and set its price. Note that you must indicate who receives the fees for this membership: if you should receive the fees, select yourself from the dropdown. If instead, those fees need to be sent to another entity (a scoring body, or another promoter, etc.), then select their name from the dropdown list.

Note: Creating the pass/membership DOES NOT automatically add it to any of your events; it makes it available as an item you can add when building your event. You still must manually add it as an item for sale when you build your event.

Once completed, the membership will be available for you to include when creating an event.

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