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For Promoters: How to Create a Stripe Account and Connect your Bank
For Promoters: How to Create a Stripe Account and Connect your Bank
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In order to process transactions, you need a Stripe account, but you must set it up only from within your RaceReady promoter account.

Before you begin, you'll need your business Tax ID (either an EIN, or your Social Security Number—depending on how your business is set up). You'll also need your bank account number and routing number.

First, log in to your RaceReady Promoter Account. Next, navigate to the following options:

  1. Settings

  2. Companies & Bank Accounts

  3. Add Company (if your company is not already listed there)

Please provide a name for the company:

Next, click on the small up-arrow next to your new company name, and then click "Add Bank."

First, fill out your bank's information so that RaceReady can send you your money.

Next click "More info Required for Payouts"

It will redirect you to Stripe to complete the setup. You will see a screen similar to this:

It should then prompt you to complete two sections: "Your Business" and "Management and Ownership." Click on the update button for each section and fill out the forms as requested by Stripe.

The "Business Details" form looks like this:

The "Management and Ownership" requires information for at least one manager or owner of the business (or sole proprietor). The form looks like this:

Once you have completed all the sections, click "Submit," and Stripe will process your application and connect your account. It will also redirect you back to your RaceReady account.

IMPORTANT: RaceReady does not store any of your sensitive information. The signup form securely and directly submits your data to Stripe, so you can rest easy.

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