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For Promoters: How Do I Check In Racers or Other Customers When They Arrive?
For Promoters: How Do I Check In Racers or Other Customers When They Arrive?
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For Racer Check-in;

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How can I indicate that someone has arrived for a race?

RaceReady provides the flexibility for your customers to purchase various items such as race admissions, wristbands, campsites, merchandise, and more. However, you might wonder how to manage gate entry or distribute wristbands accurately, especially if some individuals from a group arrive at different times.

RaceReady has you covered.

First and foremost, we recommend conducting check-in for each race you organize, although checking in racers is not mandatory for their eligibility to be scored. A racer's ability to be scored is determined by their event registration, not their check-in status. Nonetheless, since event registration typically takes place at check-in, we still suggest holding the check-in process.

To check in individuals, including racers, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your RaceReady account.

  2. Go to Events > Menu > Manage Race.

  3. Racers are checked in at one location, while other participants (e.g., campsites, wristbands) are checked in separately.

For Racer Check-in:

  1. In the Racers tab, locate the racer you wish to check in and click "Check In" next to their name. (To search for a specific name, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on a Mac), type in the name you're searching for, and press Enter to cycle through the matches on that page.)

  2. After clicking "Check In," a pop-up window will appear to confirm the racer's check-in.

To Check In Other Purchases:

  1. Click on the Admissions tab.

  2. Search for the name of the person who made the purchase or for whom the items/campsites were purchased.

  3. Once you find the individual's name, click on it to view their entire purchase.

  4. You can then check in each item within their purchase as needed.

For instance, if a group purchased 10 wristbands but only 5 members are present for check-in, you can check in those who are currently present. The remaining members can check in later, and the system will reflect the availability of 5 additional wristbands for check-in.

Remember to click "Save and Close" to save the check-ins.

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