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For Promoters: What Equipment Do I Need For RaceReady's System to Work?
For Promoters: What Equipment Do I Need For RaceReady's System to Work?
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Extension cords? Finish line truss? Pyrotechnics?

For RaceReady's live timing and scoring to work at an event, the promoter needs some basic equipment:

  1. Reliable internet: Most RaceReady systems come with a mobile router, and you just need to supply an LTE SIM card with an active data plan. However, this only works if your facilities have cell reception. If not, you'll need to explore alternative options such as satellite or wired internet.

  2. Steady, non-fluctuating 110AC power: This power source should be available at your finish line. If it requires extension cords or power strips, you'll need to provide those.

  3. An overhead truss at the finish line: This is necessary to attach the RaceReady antenna. The height of the antenna should be between 10 and 16 feet overhead. The truss must be made of a material that can withstand extreme weather conditions without moving or waving. RaceReady can supply you with the necessary trussing for an additional fee.

  4. A computer or tablet connected to the internet: Ensure that the device has a modern web browser and is powered to maintain uninterrupted connectivity.

  5. Basic tools for setup: You'll need tools such as a hammer, pliers, socket set, and screwdrivers for the setup process.

  6. Printer: This will be required to print out necessary documents or results during the event.

  7. Tape, zip ties, or other fasteners: These are needed to safely set up cords and other equipment.

And, of course, you'll need someone to operate the software on the computer/tablet throughout the race. This person should be capable of starting and stopping the timing for each moto or race as they begin and end. Additionally, they will need to edit results on occasion.

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