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For Promoters: Care and Responsibility for Live Timing Equipment
For Promoters: Care and Responsibility for Live Timing Equipment
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If you were issued live timing equipment, you are financially responsible for it. This means that if the equipment is damaged while under your care, you must purchase a replacement.

To ensure proper care of the equipment, here are some guidelines. The live timing equipment consists of two major segments:

  1. The RFID Electronics Hub: This segment is typically a large black box containing electronic modules and cables.


2. The RFID Antenna kit, consisting of one antenna box that contains two internal RFID antenna's, mounting brackets, and RFID cables.

While the antennas and cables of the live timing equipment are weatherproof, the electronics hub is not. Therefore, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not spray water on the Electronics Hub when watering your track.

  2. Avoid leaving the hub outside for more than a day.

  3. In case of inclement weather, cover the hub with a trash bag or use other means to prevent water from reaching the sensitive electronics.

Think of the RFID Electronics Hub like your television. While you might take it outside for a special occasion, you wouldn't leave it exposed to rain for an extended period.

Additionally, it's natural for race tracks to accumulate dust, and the electronics hub is not an exception. It is your responsibility to clean out the Electronics Hub occasionally, typically using compressed air.

During the racing season, make sure to power on your Electronics Hub at least once a week. This allows it to synchronize its local server with the cloud database.

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