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For Promoters: How to Get Internet Service at the Track
For Promoters: How to Get Internet Service at the Track
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Internet service is crucial for RaceReady's system to upload racer scores. While it is possible to upload the results after a race, it is preferable to have live, real-time results. Here's what you can do to ensure reliable internet onsite:

Your RaceReady system needs a reliable internet connection. Most electronic things do nowadays:

Internet connections can be obtained in many ways. We recommend either of the following two:

  1. A landline or permanent satellite internet line, from a local utility provider (useful for single-site promoters)

  2. Cellular internet (requires a data plan with a compatible provider)

A third option is mobile satellite internet, but this is difficult and expensive—hence the reason we recommend one of the first two options listed.

The first option, while preferable, is sometimes not possible for our clients—or may be more expensive. However, Cellular connections typically exist with sufficient reliability to service a RaceReady event. NOTE: DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE AS A HOTSPOT TO CONNECT RACEREADY EQUIPMENT TO THE INTERNET. You need a dedicated, industrial-grade connection to ensure reliability.

Your RaceReady system typically includes a built-in mobile router inside the RFID Electronics Hub, which only requires a cellular data plan with an active SIM card to function properly. It is your responsibility to provide the cellular data plan; RaceReady does not supply data plans.

Follow these steps to get cellular internet connectivity for your equipment:

  1. See if Verizon has coverage at your finish line(s). If not, try to identify an alternative carrier that offers necessary coverage. RaceReady equipment works with Verizon, AT&T, and some bands of T-Mobile.* Speak with your RaceReady rep about alternative carriers.

  2. Verify that your RaceReady system has a compatible mobile router by speaking with your account rep.

  3. Sign up for a Verizon data plan (or other preferred carrier) along with a sim card. You'll need at least a 10 Gig / Month plan, if you don't use the connection for anything other than RaceReady.

  4. Insert the Sim card into the mobile router (unless it is already installed from RaceReady, which is normally the case), and activate your service with Verizon or your other carrier by logging into your account and activating it.

Please note: Your mobile router will provide a wifi network on site which you can use to connect your computer to administer live timing. DON'T ALLOW ANYONE ELSE ONTO THIS NETWORK BESIDES CRITICAL EMPLOYEES RUNNING LIVE TIMING AND REGISTRATION—in other words, keep the credentials private. If you clog the network with too much traffic, it could disrupt your live timing.

*RaceReady's Digi LR54 mobile router is compatible with T-mobile, but not with all of its bands. If your area uses these T-mobile bands, you should be good to get a T-mobile SIM card with a dedicated data line, and install it inside the device and use it at your track:

1. Band 2 (1900 MHz)

2. Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)

3. Band 12 (700 MHz)

Note that our equipment will NOT support T-mobile on the following band:

Band 71 (600 MHz)

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