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For Promoters: How to Tear Down, Store, and Transport Live Timing Equipment
For Promoters: How to Tear Down, Store, and Transport Live Timing Equipment
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Our live timing and internet equipment was designed to be rugged, but it still requires proper care. Promoters are responsible for taking care of the equipment during their contract. The basic steps to tear down the live timing equipment are as follows:

  1. Power down the equipment by unplugging the surge protector within the RFID Electronics Hub.

  2. Disconnect the main antenna cables from the 12" cables that are attached to the RFID Electronics Hub. We strongly recommend keeping the 12" antenna cables connected to the hub at all times for terminal wear protection and ease of connection/disconnection.

3. Seal the RFID Electronics Hub by replacing its front and rear doors and securing them. It is important not to remove the 12" cable extensions, as they serve to prevent unnecessary wear on the ports of the RFID reader inside the box. These extension cables can be fitted by slightly bending them to the side.

4. Remove the antennas and store them in their original packaging or provide a tote bin or a similar container for storage.

5. Remove the cables, wind them up, and store them in a box or tote bin. When winding the cables, ensure that they are not wound tighter than 12" loops. Avoid bending any part of the cables sharply, as this can lead to breakage and instability.

6. Remove pins and disconnect joints on the truss gantry as necessary, and replace the pins in the disconnected joints with their retaining pins.

a. For onsite storage, it is best to keep the gantry sections in as few pieces as possible.

b. For transportation, complete disassembly is usually necessary depending on the size of your trailer or truck. Remember to replace pins in their designated holes with retaining pins whenever you disassemble the trussing. To facilitate reassembly, mark one joint at each intersection with unique colors or marks.

7. Store the RFID Electronics Hub and the Antenna Case in a secure area. Remember that you are responsible for them in case of loss or damage. RaceReady may also request their return at any time for refurbishing or replacement purposes.

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