The Festival of climbing is your personal challenge, is NOT a race! It may be a challenge you choose to do alone or with others or a mix of both. You can do it on Zwift, in the real world, or a combination of both. You may run or you may ride, or, you may combine this as well.

6500 is the mantra for the week. 6500 meters of ascent to become a Norseman Festival of Climbing Finisher.

To report your completed altitude meters please follow this step by step guide and watch the movie below.

Step by Step guide

  1. Visit your Raceprofile
  2. Go to "My Results" tab
  3. Scroll down to "Virtual Races" and "The Norseman Festival of Climbing"
  4. Click "Log Altitude"
  5. Enter your completed altitude meter + time + date when completed and link to your latest completed activity from Strava/Garmin/Zwift/Polar/Suunto etc (it will be shown in the public list of completed activities here).
  6. If you plan to complete more than one activity during the week. When completed the next activity do step 1-3 again and then click the "edit" symbol (a small pen) on The Norseman Festival of Climbing" to bring up the pop-up with your previous result. You have to summarize your previous data with your new data and update your completed altitude meters + time + date with the sum of your latest activity and the previous one. For the link, add the latest activity link from Strava/Garmin/Zwift/Polar/Suuno etc.
  7. When all your completed activities are reported in your Raceprofile and you have reached the goal of 6500 altitude meters your are a Norseman Festival of Climbing Finisher and can check the list of other finishers here and follow the progress for yourself and others.

How to summarize and report!

You can either enter your completed activities one by one and summarize during the week directly in your Raceprofile. Or summarize by your self and report one activity in your Raceprofile in the end of the Festival of Climbing week.

The most important is that you challenge your self and aiming for the 6500 meters of climbing in one week.

Good luck!

If you have further questions about how to report your results please contact us as If you have further questions for the orgaznier Norseman, please visit their website here.

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