Positive reviews from your clients and past performance are your most powerful marketing assets. Extend the reach of this content on Facebook to attract more landlords and vendors. Your customer stories become engaging social media posts, shared at just the right time to win new customers.

How To Share a Customer Review on Facebook (On Demand)

You can share genuine public reviews from your panel of Review Sites on demand on Facebook from the Rainmaker Reviews section.

  1. Navigate to Reviews on the left hand nav bar
  2. Search for the review you would like to reply to
  3. Click Share in the last column of the table which will open up a small pop up window
  4. You can now share your review in one of two ways:

OPTION 1: Facebook Share Button (Integrated)

  1. Click the blue Facebook Share button which will open up the Share on Facebook page in another browser window. Note: You must be logged in to Facebook as a person who has the right to manage your agency's Facebook Page
  2. At the top left of the Share on Facebook page, click on the drop down box that says "Share to News Feed or story" and select Share on a Page you manage
  3. Ensure the correct business Page is selected (viewable just under the drop down in step 2 above). If not, click the drop down box and select the appropriate business Page
  4. Type a short comment above the pregenerated Rainmaker Review post (optional)
  5. Click Post to Facebook

OPTION 2: Copy the Review Link and Post Directly in Facebook

  1. From the Review Share pop up window click COPY LINK
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Navigate to the Agency's business Page
  4. In the Create a Post section paste the review link which should automatically render the pregenerated Rainmaker review post
  5. Type a short comment (optional)
  6. Click Publish
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