After Creating a Campaign including selecting and prioritising the Review Sites, designing the Email Template and uploading the Reviewers you would like to invite, you are ready to launch your campaign.

Note: Generally, you will achieve better response rates by sending out your email invitations between 10am-5pm Tue to Fri.

  1. Navigate to Campaigns on the left hand nav bar
  2. Locate the Campaign that you'd like to launch and click Edit
  3. Click the Reviewers tab
  4. In the Draft Folder, click the check box in the first column of each individual customer row you would like to send the email to OR click the check box in the first column of the header row of the table to select all (max. 250)
  5. Click Send Email and review the email template carefully in the wizard. Note: To make any edits, close the window and click Email Template again
  6. Click Continue
  7. In the send wizard, click Send Emails
  8. Click Sent to view the Sent Folder to confirm selected emails have been sent
  9. Campaign is now live! Note: You will receive an email alert to confirm it's live

Note: You can always see how many emails you have sent out for a specific campaign by the number written on the Sent tab

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